Welcome to Hill & Dale Real Estate in Beautiful Washington County!

Hill & Dale Real Estate is the oldest Real Estate Agency in our community. We got our start as Jerome E. Wright, Inc. In the year 2000, Hill & Dale Real Estate bought Jerome E. Wright's real estate business, changed the name and located the new business at 21 East Main Street, in the Village of Cambridge, N.Y. (next door to Hubbard Hall).

How Hill & Dale Meets Your Needs

Since our start we have been addressing the needs of real property owners in Northern Rensselaer County and Southern Washington County in the best and most personalized ways that our many years of experience have taught us. We utilize the Multiple Listing System so that all the area Realtors are aware of the properties we help to sell. We advertise extensively in the local region as well in the Capital Area of Albany to reach potential buyers directly.

Featured Listings

Listing Number: S-2016
277 Camden Valley Road, Salem

Listing Number: CV103-2
17-23 East Main Street, Cambridge (Village)

Listing Number: CV919
9 West Main St., Cambridge (Village)

Listing Number: LW47-203
, White Creek

Listing Number: CV66-4
, Cambridge (Village)

Listing Number: LW 1119
, White Creek

Listing Number: LC2020
, Cambridge (Town)

Listing Number: LW56-32
, White Creek